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Rhiannon Lowery

Rhiannon Lowery

Tarot Readings

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Love Reading

I’ll give you a detailed, 3 paragraph reading on you, your person, and your choice of question about the relationship 💞

your spiritual journey reading

I’ll give you a detailed tarot reading about where you should go in your spiritual journey 🔮

career reading

I’ll give you a 3 paragraph reading on where you are in your career now, where you need to go in your career and how to get there.💸

your life in 6 months

you can choose another time ex. (3 months, a year, 5 years, etc) and we will talk about where you will be in every aspect of your life🧿

any question

you can ask any question here if the reading isn’t already previously listed or if there’s a specific situation in your life that you need clarity on✨